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How does this thing compare with the old-fashioned round glass juicers (that have a raised hump in the middle)?

It is a lot easier on your hands, it crushes 1/2 lemon and the juice runs through leaving the seeds/plup and a little flat tire of a lemon. It is much easier than the old fashion glass juicers. Also your able to squeeze right over the pot or what you want to put the juice over.

Can I use this juicer to juice oranges?

You can juice small oranges like blood oranges, or any other orange if the diameter is 3u201d or less. Another alternative is to cut the big oranges in sections.

How large is the bowl?

The diameter of the bowl is 3" inches to the outside of the bowl. The diameter of the bowl inside is 2 7/8" inches.

Where is this manufactured?

We manufacturer this product in China, however we have strict stringent policies with our factories in China and make sure that our products are made only from the best quality materials and procedures.

Are any instructions included with this? What else is included in the box?

This is a really simple gadget to use, but yes there is an instruction card included, also they include a microfibre cloth which is useful in cleaning off the residue. Also you get a free recipe ebook when buy this juicer.

How many holes are there in the bottom?

There are 7 holes. They are large enough for the juice to flow through them freely.

How long does it take to ship?

Orders are shipped next working day, shipping is 3-5 workings days.